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The Social Group

The Social Group was founded by Andrew Haglington in 1997 after he identified the need in society for some sort of socialising mechanism. Shortening “some sort of socialising mechanism” to “The Social Group”, this concept was copied around the world and led to the development of the global “social” phenonema.

Andrew Haglington is credited as “the man who invented social networking” and named it. All things named “social media” or “social networking” are derived from Andrew Haglington’s concept, with him also popularising the phrases “social event” and “social enterprise”.

The Social Group is The Social Network, conceived in England many years before American “social networking services” such as Facebook and Twitter.

The Social Group has enabled many thousands of people to enjoy a better social life, do more with their spare time, meet people and make friends. There have been lots of romances, including weddings, families, and children, and a lot of people have found happiness, all down to Andrew Haglington’s ideas and hard work.